Day 3 – We do like to be beside the seaside

One of the nice things about living where we do is that we have access to the seaside!  I don’t normally head down that way on my own with the littlies but my lucky husband’s work pattern means that he has lots of Fridays off so I took him and our girls and one mindee to Birling Gap and Seven Sisters near Eastbourne.  It was quite a drive from us (about an hour and a quarter) but it was well worth it!

Armed with buckets, nets and enthusiasm my little trio of explorers were keen to get stuck into the rockpools before the tide came in.

Rockpool 1

All they found were stacks of seaweed and some water snails but there was lots of happy animated squealing which I felt meant they were having a great time!  One of the other great things about having my husband home is that my little mindee adores him and spends lots of time shadowing him!

Rockpool 2

After rockpool fun and a picnic lunch the children started looking through the rocks for fossils.  We found some with interesting shapes which they have collected up to inspect later.

Fossil hunt

By this time the tide was starting to come in so the girls decided it was time to get wet!  My little mindee was not so sure and sat with his best mate – love the way he copies Paul’s poses!

Pauls shadow

The girls got absolutely soaked but loved their swimming and wave jumping – mindee was squealing and giggling away at them but despite me asking if he wanted to join in he replied ‘No please’!

Swimming  wave jumping

Two wet children and a change of clothes later we treated them (and us!) to an icecream.  Here are my girls in the cafe with the little brother they wish they had!



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